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An Exploration of Properly Maintained Automotive Suspension Components

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An Exploration of Properly Maintained Automotive Suspension Components

How The Auto Glass Repair Process Works

by Brandie Gordon

When you have a chip in your window, you are going to want to get it repaired right away, especially during the winter time when cold weather can cause a small crack to expand rapidly. Understanding how the auto glass repair process works can make it easier for you to follow through and get your windshield fixed.

#1 The Repair Process Is Quick

Getting a crack in your window fixed does not take a lot of time. If you only have a small chip in your windshield, it can take a matter of minutes for a technician to fill in the crack. Filling in the crack will prevent the crack from spreading. You may be able to see the filling if you look closely at your window; however, most of the time the repair job is not even noticeable.

If your entire windshield needs to be replaced that could take a little longer, but the process is still pretty fast. It only takes about an hour to completely replace an entire window. If your window is completely replaced, you are going to want to avoid driving for an additional hour to allow the adhesives that are holding your new windshield in place time to dry and cure.

#2 An Auto Glass Repair Technician Can Come to You

There are many different types of shops that offer auto glass repair. Some shops you have to bring your vehicle in to get your crack fixed. As long as there is not a wait, the process should not take very long.

There are also some shops that will come to you. They will come to your house, place of work, or even a nearby shopping center and fix your windshield on the spot for you. This is especially great if you need your entire windshield replaced, as the wait time following the installation of your new windshield will quickly pass as you go about your regular business.

#3 Your Vehicle Will Be Protected

The auto glass technician will take care to protect your vehicle. They will be careful about leaning over your vehicle and will put down covers to keep your paint job from getting scratched. If they need to remove your windshield, they will put down drapes over the inside of your vehicle to ensure that no little glass pieces or debris gets into your vehicle.

Collision repair services will carefully remove your rear view mirror and re-attach it to your new windshield. They will also vacuum up any debris that may have gotten into the front of your vehicle during the window replacement process.