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An Exploration of Properly Maintained Automotive Suspension Components

Hi there, my name is Hedrick Simmons. Welcome to my website about automotive suspension components. My first vehicle purchase resulted in a crash course about the importance of excellent suspension components. The vehicle was bouncy and unwieldly while driving along rough roadways. At first, I thought this was normal, but as I learned more, I discovered that there was a way to fix this annoying problem. I decided to upgrade my suspension with helpful components and repair the items that exhibited wear and tear or damage. With this approach, I was able to restore my suspension components and enjoy a smooth ride in my vehicle. My site will explore these matters and much more. Come back again soon.


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An Exploration of Properly Maintained Automotive Suspension Components

Buying Your First Truck As An Owner-Operator? 3 Things To Consider

by Brandie Gordon

As a commercial truck driver, one way to take your career to the next level is by investing in a commercial truck of your own and becoming an owner-operator. Before you become an owner-operator, there are a few things you need to consider.

#1: New or Used

The first thing you have to consider is if you want to purchase a new or used truck.

The advantage of purchasing a new truck is that it should come with a nice warranty system and should last you for years. One of the biggest drawbacks of purchasing a new commercial truck is that they are expensive, and the cost may hold you back from making the transition into being an owner-operator.

Buying a used truck is a lot more affordable. However, if you decide to purchase a used truck, you will have to spend more time investigating the repair history of the truck. It will take a little more effort on your part to ensure the truck is in good condition, and you need to be prepared for more repair costs.

#2: Type of Hauling

Second, it is important for you to know what type of contracts and work you want to take on as an owner-operator, which will impact the kind of truck you need. For example, if you will be hauling general freight, you need a regular sized truck and engine. If you are going to be hauling large freight, you will want to get a truck with a double frame. If you are going to be hauling heavy freight, you will want to get an overpowered engine.

You should only pay for the features that you will need; don't go overboard. Think about the type of work you can realistically take on and get a vehicle with features that support the work you want to do. Remember, you can upgrade to a new truck over time. You need to choose a reliable vehicle that will allow you to get your business started.

#3: Repairs

Finally, you need to consider who will repair your vehicle. Find out what dealerships and repair shops are in your area and what type of vehicles they work on. You don't want to invest in a big rig that no one in your area can fix. You want to make sure you have easy access to a mechanic or dealership to fix your vehicle, as downtime is time you are not on the road working and earning money.

When it comes to purchasing a new semi-truck, you need to determine if you want to go for a new or used rig. Next, you need to consider the type of contracts you want to take on so you can get a truck with the right features. Finally, check out mechanic and dealership availability in your area, and make sure some people can work on your rig.

If you're looking for a commercial truck or have additional questions, contact a local semi-truck dealership.